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MUTIS ESPAZIOA has three main pillars:
-    To offer quality vocational training in Dance, led by a team of first- rate practitioners.
-    To act as a resource center and artistic hub for the Dance community at large.
-    To provide permanent residence for Matxalen Bilbao Dance Company. 

Training Course
Directed by Matxalen Bilbao and Natalia Garcia Muro, Mutis Espazioa offers a vocational training program taught by an extensive and varied team of active Dance Makers. Each with their own specific vocabulary and approach.

The intensive modules offered by each individual creator will be complemented by daily class and are specifically selected to provide well-rounded insight into the Dance profession as it currently stands.

The year-long course aims to enhance observational and analytical understanding of the dancer’s own movement, develop open and responsive physical awareness and communication, embrace constant transformation, and promote critical thought. All of which acquire deeper meaning in praxis and result in mature, cultivated and empowered performers with skill sets that extend well beyond the simple execution of steps.

Community Asset
MUTIS ESPAZIOA will also act as resource center and artist’s hub. The space hopes to foster synergies between artists, promote collaboration and nurture the needs of the greater dance community.

Creation Space
Last but not least, it will also house Matxalen Bilbao Dance Co.

Founders Matxalen Bilbao and Natalia Garcia Muro first met in 2010. They soon formed a close teacher/student relationship that in 2015 led them to start working together on various creative projects.

In 2018, they premiered Serenity Suite, an intimate duo devised and performed by the pair (under the direction of Bilbao) that explores the nature of their artistic affinity as well as the themes of transmission and the passage of time.

Since then, artistic collaboration has been intense.
The complementary nature of their relationship, brought about by generational differences, personal disposition and pronounced mutual admiration, has favored a strong and fertile bond that now underpins Mutis Espazioa.

A once-in-a-lifetime undertaking, Mutis Espazioa hopes to reflect the values of its founders, as well as house their desires. Made from a love of Dance and for dancing, it is a meeting place to share body, thought and passion; a place where Bilbao and Garcia Muro extend their curiosity, rigor and invitation to the greater Dance sector and to upcoming generations of Dance practitioners.


The space itself is a former carpentry workshop, having functioned as such for over 50 years. The memory of its past remains palpable. With only slight modifications having been made in the repurposing process, the industrial character of the building has been preserved and the construction ethos maintained through the spirit of “workshopping” that now lives on in

bodies and in movement.

Fotomontaje del proyecto de sala (1)

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